World Rabies Day 2023 History, Message, Wish and Status

Hydrophobia or rabies is a life-threatening disease. Now, however, it is called ‘Rabies’ instead of ‘Hydrophobia’. Rabies is one of the many symptoms of rabies. Fear of wind is also a symptom of this disease.  4,000 years ago, rabies was mentioned in Greek mythology. Today is September 28, World Rabies Day.

Rabies is a viral disease commonly found in warm-blooded animals such as dogs, foxes, and bats. It can be transmitted from one animal to another through its saliva or blood. Water rabies is an outbreak of this disease in animals of almost all countries of the world except Antarctica. 99 percent of the world’s dog-bitten deaths are caused by this disease. One person dies of rabies every 10 minutes worldwide and 55,000 people die annually, 50 percent of whom are children.

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History of World Rabies Day

Scientist Louis Pasteur died on September 28. This great scientist discovered the rabies vaccine before his death. To make his contribution unforgettable on earth and to increase public awareness by understanding the severity of this disease. The non-profit organization Global Alliance for Rabies Control plays a major coordinating role in the organization of the day from its US and UK offices.

World Rabies Day will be celebrated worldwide like every year with the initiative of the World Health Organization to create awareness about rabies disease. In 2008, 22 Asian countries participated in the activities organized on the occasion of World Water Rabies Day.

Why Do People Celebrate World Rabies Day

A rabies patient is afraid of water. Hence the name of this disease is rabies. The virus attacks the nucleus ambiguous of the brain. This part of the brain keeps the various parts of the body engaged in breathing from overexertion and coordinates breathing. But virus infection disrupts this work. As a result, when the rabies patient goes to drink water, his throat and trachea constrict with tension, causing a feeling of intense pain.

At the same time, some water enters the main respiratory system through the trachea and coughs up, creating a frightening situation. Many people think that a dog bite will cause rabies, but not all dog bites cause rabies. Because it is mainly an animal disease. So first of all, it has to be animals. Only then will it infect humans. This disease can be caused by the bite of not only dogs but also cats or any other animal. In some cases, this disease also occurs from scratches. Symptoms of rabies:

1. Itching of the wound, 2.  Pain in the wound, 3.  Salivation from the mouth, 4.  Excitement, 5.  Mild fever, 6.  Difficulty swallowing, 7.  Being thirsty for water, 8.  Fear of water, 9.  Afraid of gentle breezes, 10.  Abol-Tabol Baka, 11.  Paralysis, etc.

This day is mainly observed to prevent these symptoms from appearing in people and to make people aware of this disease because people can die due to rabies.

How Do People Celebrate World Rabies Day?

Among the programs celebrated on the occasion of World Rabies Day is to organize awareness discussions with the general public, doctors, and public-private control authorities to review the current status of rabies worldwide, and create and increase public awareness on the issues to be done.

Also, special rallies or processions, free vaccinations, etc. are taken up on this day to make the general public aware of the disease. More attention should be paid to the prevention of rabies than to its treatment.  What should be done to prevent this disease is to be careful and not come in contact with animals that scratch or bite rabies such as dogs, cats, foxes, etc.

Especially keeping children away and avoiding unnecessary harassment of animals. Regular vaccination of domestic dogs and cats. Making arrangements to kill stray and unvaccinated dogs and cats on the road.

Various seminars are conducted through which people are made aware of how to get rid of rabies. For example:

Although hydrophobia or rabies is a life-threatening disease, death can be avoided with timely measures. Rabies is usually caused by a bite or scratch from a dog, cat, fox, beaver, monkey, or wild cat. If these animals bite or scratch, the wound should be washed thoroughly with soap for 15 minutes. If possible, apply spirit or iodine.

The bitten animal should be carefully restrained and observed without killing it. If the animal does not die within 10 days, the risk of rabies from the bite is assumed to be low. Tissue from the animal’s brain can also be tested to see if the animal has rabies. If the rabies virus is found, the doctor takes precautionary measures accordingly. In addition, vaccinations should be taken as per the advice of a trained doctor.

Antibiotics should be started on the day of the bite. A person vaccinated immediately after a dog bite will not develop rabies. The risk of rabies can be almost 100% avoided with timely rabies vaccination. Dogs can be vaccinated in advance even if they are not bitten. The most special feature of rabies is that it can be vaccinated even after animal bites.I

t does not apply to any other disease. Domestic animals such as cows, and goats can also get rabies after being bitten by a rabid dog. Humans can also get this disease by eating the meat of these animals.

World Rabies Day Quotes

Rabies is a deadly disease. The death rate of this disease is 100%. Experts say Europe and North America are now almost rabies-free and all dogs are mandatorily vaccinated. Rabies has been brought under control in South America by the mass vaccination of dogs.

French chemist and biologist Louis Pasteur used this vaccine for the first time on July 6, 1885, on a boy named Joseph Meister to protect a dog-bitten rabies patient from the disease, and the boy recovered. Since then, this vaccine has been used successfully all over the world for this disease. Here are some World Rabies Day Quotes-

  • “If it’s someone’s pet and you’re keeping it at home, there’s just too much room for error there. Hopefully, Lady will not get rabies, but we have to assume the raccoon was rabid” – Lynda Smith
  • “A dog that has rabies probably will do things it wouldn’t do if it didn’t have rabies. But that doesn’t change the fact that it has rabies” – John Malkovich
  • “The world is in an extremely dangerous situation, and serious diseases often require the risk of a dangerous cure like the Pasteur serum for rabies” – Alan Watts

World Rabies Day Messages

According to the World Health Organization, rabies is one of the most neglected tropical diseases. This disease usually affects poor people and children in rural areas. Due to ignorance, they are deprived of medical services. Below are some World Rabies Day Messages-

  • Being aware of a small step toward rabies prevention can make a big difference.  Warmest wishes to you on World Rabies Day.
  • Getting your dog checked and vaccinated regularly is extremely important.  Happy World Rabies Day.
  • On the occasion of World Rabies Day, it is necessary to know that rabies is a deadly disease and therefore we all need to be aware of it.
  • Only by educating everyone about rabies can we save the world from this disease.  Best wishes on World Rabies Day.
  • We should not take rabies lightly as it is a disease that kills many.  Happy World Rabies Day everyone.

World Rabies Day Wishes

Currently, 59,000 people die of this disease in the world.  Once symptoms of the disease appear, death is certain. However, it is possible to prevent the disease hundred percent by washing the affected area with soap and water on time with a bite or scratch and taking the full dose of vaccine.

Here are some Wishes-

  • Don’t leave the disease unheeded.  Do your part and educate the world about it.  Stay healthy and safe this World Rabies Day.
  • Check and vaccinate your dog regularly. End rabies, and stand together.  Happy World Rabies Day, be safe and healthy.
  • Take a stand and help cure rabies.  Wishing you a happy, safe, and healthy World Rabies Day.
  • Erase rabies from the world map through timely awareness raising.  Take care, stay healthy and stay safe this World Rabies Day.
  • No one should die of water rabies.  Stay healthy and safe on World Rabies Day.  Happy World Rabies Day.

World Rabies Day Statutes

Children below 15 years of age are usually more affected by water phobia. 90 percent of this disease is affected by dog ​​bites. Moreover, this disease is also caused by the bites of cats, foxes, Bengals, and monkeys.

The virus is present in the saliva of infected dogs, cats, foxes, and other wild animals. In the bite of these animals, the virus is transmitted from the wound to the brain and causes various complex symptoms in the nervous system. As a result, the patient became paralyzed and died of respiratory and cardiac arrest. But the hope is that with proper treatment, anxiety is 100% preventable.  It is necessary to increase public awareness. Below are some statutes-

  • On World Rabies Day we all need to remember that rabies prevention starts with us.  Happy World Rabies Day.
  • Create immunity agreements.  Vaccinate your dog regularly for rabies and save a life.  Happy World Rabies Day.
  • Dogs are also a part of your family.  Love them and take care of them.  Vaccinate them.  Take care, stay healthy and stay safe this World Rabies Day.
  • Rabies is curable and preventable.  Don’t lose your life due to carelessness.  Happy World Rabies Day.
  • Spread the word about causes and measures to prevent rabies. Happy World Rabies Day.
  • Save lives by vaccinating your pets.  Happy World Rabies Day, be safe and healthy. Happy World Rabies Day.

FAQ about World Rabies Day

What is the date of World Rabies Day?

28 September.

Who made World Rabies Day?

the Global Alliance for Rabies Control. Source-Wikipedia

Rabies can also be spread by transplanting the organs of a dead person infected with rabies.  So don’t be afraid of water rabies, be aware.  Keep away from wildlife and animals that are unknown.  Those who keep dogs and cats should get these animals vaccinated.  Once vaccinated, the job is not over.  Vaccination should be done at regular intervals.  People who have to work in the hazardous environment can get rabies vaccination in advance.  Awareness is not necessary for rabies. Thanks for being With us.